Saturday, September 3, 2011

on survival

I honestly don't know how we would have survived this week if we didn't live in community.

It all starts with a car (doesn't it always?).
Our car breaks down at the most inconvenient time (doesn't it always?).
But, luckily for us, it breaks down in a semi-convenient place.

When I lived with my parents and my car broke down (or something else similarly-inconvenient occurred), it was easy to call daddy to come pick me up.  Because when you're a family, you do those kinds of things for each other.  It's part of being in a family.

When I lived on my own, these types of inconveniences became more harried.  I would often call my brother (family) to come help me (even though he always lived about 40 minutes away).

Now that we live in community, we have a new family to call.
And so we survived one more day.

But it doesn't stop there.  Because we live so close to our larger church community, we have been able to survive even longer because a friend, while just hanging out at our house, offered to give us his one of his cars -- his nicer car -- to use for the whole week.

And there were some other things too to help us survive this week.  A friend that came over to watch our housemate's baby (which is my responsibility on Wednesdays) so we could attend to some urgent matters.  Or a housemate going out grocery shopping really late on a Friday night to ensure we would have dinner on Saturday.  Or the countless people who have listened and prayed and just offered to be there for us, whenever we needed.

Nope.  We certainly could not have done this week on our own.

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