Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Unexpected Twist: We're Moving

So.  We're moving.

Or, as I'd like to say (as if I were narrating a story of our lives),

"And in an strange twist of providence, 
God swooped in unexpectedly and gave the Simko family a house."

That's not hyperbole, either.  The situation from the last week has seriously been nothing short of an act of God.  To be completely honest, Elliott and I were not looking to move.  We have seen a lot of growth in our own community here, and we were in it for at least the next year (if not two).  Then on Monday, in the midst of figuring out our car stuff (and yes, we finally got our car back!), someone from our church called, offering us a house to rent for a price we can afford.

The house is two stories, has a nursery connected to the master bedroom, a wood-burning fireplace, a washer/dryer, and is surrounded by woods.  It is honestly a dream home for us -- something I have prayed for, thinking that maybe someday -- five, ten years down the road -- we might have something like it.  It's not big, and it's not perfect, but it's very much us.

When we found out about it, and especially after visiting, we sought counsel from family and friends, and especially church members.  We also met as a community house and came to a decision together.

The bottom line is that we could have continued to live here, with its difficulties (and joys!) and all, but we had to ask ourselves:  What is best for our babies?  Even though people warned us about the trouble we might face having two non-related babies (3 months apart in age) share the same room, perhaps we were a bit pie-in-the-sky in our expectations.  The reality is that it is hard, and though it's workable (sort of), if there was a better solution for our babies, we needed to take it.

And so we are moving... exactly one week.
Man, our life is crazy sometimes.

The community was by no means a failure, nor are we running out of here with full force.  God used the last five months to really grow each of us -- as individuals and as siblings in Christ.  It will be sad to leave this home -- and the adjustment will probably be a lot harder than anticipated. The fact is that Elliott and I have never had our own home.  And although it's something we have craved, the beauty of living in community will be lost.  And that... is very sad.  It is a loss, and I'm sure there will be some mourning.

Before I end this post, I would just like to reflect on how sweet our God really is, and how speechless I am before a Father who does not give us stones when we ask for bread.  I have asked for this house for a very long time -- in small ways, in big ways, in humble ways, in bold ways -- at various stages in our life.  I did not expect it to come so soon.  I did not expect it to be so much what I asked for.

In the end, I am just made speechless.  I feel so close to the Lord in a way that I cannot articulate, no matter how hard I ask the Lord for the words.  I stand in awe before this God who loves us enough to wrestle with us, to give us hope, to give us good things on top of the greatest Gift of all.  The more I grow in the Lord -- the more I learn about Him and get to know Him -- the more in love I become.

I really feel like God has swept me off my feet.

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  1. I am sure it will be a lovely home for your family and for the blessings and plans God has for you to prosper as you serve others and Him.