intentional community

Whether you're living in intentional community or just curious about it, here are some places to get you started:

on this blog:

basic how-to's
the food dilemma
intentional community 101: communication

relational aspects
why we need introverts in communities
apparently, being a hermit doesn't work
no man (in community) is an island

the neighborhood
living in-community means living IN community
won't you be my neighbor?

why moving makes me want to be a minimalist
waste not, intro
waste not, part one
waste not, part two
the american dream: am i doing it wrong?

other blogs:

sorta crunchy
simple mom

let me know of any i should add.  i don't know any other intentional community blogs.


other intentional communities
church of the sojourners
the simple way

intentional living
resources to guide intentional living
consumer detox
products of slavery


organized simplicity by tsh oxenreider
living more with less by doris janzen longacre and valerie weaver-zercher
more with less cookbook by doris janzen longacre
the irresistible revolution by shane claiborne
becoming the answer to our prayers by shane claiborne and joshua wilson-hartgrove

if you think i should add something, contact me at chellysimko at gmail dot com

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